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Augusta Frisco Depot

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Built: 1910 | Year Saved: 2015
Contributor: Kansas Preservation Alliance

The first Frisco Depot in Augusta was a wood frame building constructed in the 1880s when the railroad was first built, becoming a hub of life in the city. It was replaced in 1910 with a building made of brick masonry. An expanded freight room was built shortly afterward in 1916 in a response to the increased traffic from the City of Augusta’s oil boom. The depot underwent a major remodel in the 1950s as passenger service was discontinued due to the increase in automobile travel and the railroad found other uses for the building. The building went through several owners over the following decades until it was purchased by the City of Augusta, which recognized the importance of saving what may be the last remaining masonry Frisco depot in the state. The new rehabilitation of the Augusta Depot has made this building an important hub of life in the Augusta community once again.

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