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Immaculata High School

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Built: 1922 | Year Saved: ~2021
Historic Designation: Historic District
Contributor: Kansas Preservation Alliance

The historic Immaculata High School was originally constructed in 1922. From 1923-2017, the Sisters of Charity provided instructions to students, until they had to officially close their doors due to continuing enrollment problems and rising tuition costs. After the building sat vacant for a number of years, slowly deteriorating, Exact Partners announced they would be opening the Leavenworth Local Hotel.

Leavenworth Local is located in the heart of the Leavenworth Downtown Historic District. The historic renovation brought life to a blighted site and activates the downtown commercial district with increased flow of people and visitors. There are several past pieces still displayed for all to see. Guests can book a converted classroom, with the original chalkboards, for a night or an extended stay. They can host a conference or a large group gathering in the fully functional theater. The hotel also boasts the ability for guests to use the gymnasium for social work time and the use of the pickleball court.

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