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Kathleen Fox

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Historic Designation: Native American Heritage Site
Contributor: Timothy Weston, SHPO Archeologist

Hard Chief’s Village is a multicomponent archeological site near Topeka. The site’s major importance centers around its use as a Kansa (or “Kaw”) Indian village, occupied from 1830 to 1848. The village was established in 1830 by Hard Chief, with a least 50-100 earthlodges being built there to shelter a band of 500-600 people, making it the second largest of the three main Kansa villages in the area at that time.

Property owner, Kathleen Fox, has maintained an interest in Hard Chief’s Village for many years. She understands and appreciates the historical and archeological significance of the site. In order to ensure its continued preservation, she has supported its nomination to the National Register of Historic Places and is currently engaged in transferring ownership of the property to the Archeological Conservancy.

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