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Wells P. Bailey Log House

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Built: 1870 | Year Saved: N/A
Contributor: Kansas Preservation Alliance

The Wells P. Bailey House represents a strong tie to the Native American history of Osage county and the city of Lyndon. The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 began displacing Euro-American pioneers amidst Indian reservations. Unsurprisingly W.P. Bailey, the brother of Lyndon co- founder Judge L.D. Bailey, moved his family to a 160 acre claim in the middle of a Sac & Fox reservation. The Bailey house, constructed in 1870, was fashioned after the government spec hewed log houses that were indigenous to the local area.

Due to its crude construction techniques, and after sustaining a move of over two miles in 1997, the 18ft by 27ft structure was in dire need of repair, or run the risk of a structural collapse. With the move and some inappropriate plaster daubing, the 1-1/2 story structure required some extensive stabilization and structural analysis. Crucial shoring and foundation repair efforts were utilized to preserve the historic log structure and as much of the remaining historic chinking and daubing as possible. Where logs were unable to be salvaged, new hand-hewn logs from old growth oak were produced. All existing window sash, frames and trim were retained and repaired.

Kansas State Rehabilitation Tax Credits and a Heritage Trust Fund Grant were utilized to fund this rehabilitation.

The project team included City of Lyndon, Historic Preservation Partnership of Lyndon, Susan Richard Johnson & Associates, Inc, Pishny Restoration Services and Wallace Engineering Structural Consultants, Inc.

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