Year Listed: 2009

Awards of Excellence:
Northeast Junior High

The Northeast Junior High Project in Kansas City, Kansas received a Rehabilitation Medallion Award. Designed and built in 1922-23, the former school was rehabilitated as an income-adjusted elderly housing project.

Awards of Excellence:
Junction City Opera House

The Junction City Opera House in Junction City received a Rehabilitation Medallion Award. Constructed in 1898 and donated to the city in 1982, the building was rehabilitated to provide a venue for arts and entertainment activities.

Awards of Excellence:
Castle Tea Room

The Castle Tea Room Project in Lawrence received a Rehabilitation Medallion Award. Built in 1894, the building was threatened when it was purchased by Libuse Kriz-Fiorito in the 1940s. It was rehabilitated by the Libuse Kriz-Fiorito Historic Foundation.

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