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Pioneer Bluffs Ranch Main Barn

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Built: 1915 | Year Saved: 2015
Contributor: Kansas Preservation Alliance

The Pioneer Bluffs Ranch began as a 160 acre farm settled by Charles Rogler, an Austrian immigrant, in 1859, near Matfield Green in Chase County. Over the years, the Ranch grew to encompass 2,720 acres of Flint Hills tallgrass prairie and 16 buildings at its core. The main barn that stands today was built in 1915, consisting of a limestone foundation, balloon framing, and German lap wood siding.  Originally, the barn was painted grey with white trim although over the past century, it has since been painted white. The Pioneer Bluffs Ranch Main Barn maintains an extremely high level of architectural as well as structural integrity from its period of significance (1915-1940). The exterior rehabilitation included repair of the lap siding, with 700 linear feet being replaced due to rot, installing windows on three facades that were consistent with historic photos, and refinishing and repainting the exterior of the barn. A new metal roof replaced the existing metal on the main roof and the cupola. Exterior barn-style lighting was installed at the exterior doors, matching the existing lighting. Interior work included the installation of barn-style lighting and a general rehabilitation of interior finishes and materials. The goal of the project was to utilize the barn as an event space, which required reinforcing the floor structure to meet the modern codes for an assembly load. A second stair to the second floor was also required in order to meet current codes, which was added at the north end and clad in barn boards to blend into the rest of the interior. The barn now stands ready to continue serving the Pioneer Bluffs Ranch, creating memories for years to come.

State historic preservation tax credits were utilized to fund this rehabilitation.

The project team included: Pioneer Bluffs; Ben Moore Studio; VMT Engineering; Malicoat Winslow Engineers; Mitchell Markowitz Construction; and Kanscape Photography.

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