Biggs Building

Year(s) Listed:
Location Class:
Built: N/A | Abandoned: N/A
Historic Designation: Historic District
Status: Endangered
Contributor: Kansas Preservation Alliance

The Biggs Buildings is a small 1-story limestone building on a prominent corner of Glasco. The façade, with its cast iron posts manufactured by Great Western in Leavenworth, appears relatively intact. However, closer examination reveals ceiling material hanging into the interior as a result of roof leaks. The limestone walls are in great need of tuckpointing.

This building is the oldest structure in Glasco. Since 1880, it has housed a general store, harness shop, hardware, post office, and wagon shop. In the 1920’s and 30’s it held a doctor’s office. It was a telephone office from 1926 through the 1950’s. Most recently, it served as a stained glass artist’s studio. Cloud County has been designated the Stained Glass Capital County of Kansas. Glasco figures prominently in stained glass tours of the area.

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