City: Northern Kansas

Created in 1873 by the railroad as worker housing, the building was built in the National Folk Style. It has not been maintained and will be lost to demolition by neglect unless a solution can be found.

Photo from: Dillion House Built in the Italian Renaissance style the Dillon House is a rare survivor of an elite pre-World War I residential neighborhood. Its overall form and many of the character-defining features are still clearly evident today. A passionate man famous for his hospitality, Hiram Price Dillon’s robust spirit is evident throughout the …

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Photo by: unknown/Library of Congress The only remaining western Kansas town established by African Americans during the Reconstruction period following the Civil War. A report by the National Park Service indicates that “if Nicodemus is not protected and preserved… is inevitable that the historic structures will continue to deteriorate and eventually be razed.”

One of the most historic neighborhoods in Lawrence the area is threatened by downtown development and a proposal for an Eastern Parkway to provide easier access for cars to the downtown.

Photo By Sprout and the Bean at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, The Baker Wetlands (also known as the Haskell-Baker Wetlands) is a nature preserve and artificially sustained wetland,[1] spanning approximately 927 acres (3.8 km2)[2] south of Lawrence, Kansas, United States. It is associated with the Wakarusa River and sustained by levees and flood controls built in the 1990s.[3] Baker University owns 573 acres, the major portion of …

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Photo by: Engineered Demolition Inc. Built in 1932 the structure stands vacant at 535 S. Kansasa Ave. The buildings current owner is the City of Topeka and local preservationists fear the city will want to raze it. The building is on the Register of Historic Kansas Places.

Historical overview of the churches, schools, businesses, and other important sites within the boundaries of the old Huron Place cemetery in Wyandotte County. The orginal cemetery boundaries were located between 6th and 7th streets, from Minnesota Avenue to Anne Avenue, in what is now downtown Kansas City, Kansas. The land was orginally designated a burial …

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Awards of Excellence:
Marshall County Courthouse

The Historic Marshall County Courthouse is now a museum and genealogical research library, after serving as Marshall County’s courthouse for nearly 90 years. This fine old building has an unusual eight-sided tower and decorative terra-cotta panels bearing the word “Justice”. Inside are tiled floors, iron and slate stairways, stained glass windows and original oak furnishings. …

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