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Sedan Opera House

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Built: 1904 | Year Saved: N/A
Historic Designation: National Register of Historic Places (1993)
Contributor: Kansas Preservation Alliance

Constructed around 1904, this historic commercial building housed a hardware store with an opera house on the second floor. The street level was the site of a car dealership, a tank company in World War II and the first hardware store in the area, known as Ackarman Hardware, until approximately 1980 when it was sold to the City of Sedan. The Emmet Kelly Museum moved in to the opera house and currently occupies it. The upper portion of the building, besides being the location for opera house entertainment, has been a used by church organizations, theatre groups, and the Ancient Order of Workmen. It has also been used as a skating rink, for storage and now as a location for frequent haunted house attractions.

Heckman & Associates completed the architectural design work and Sutherland Builders completed the rehabilitation work, which included the reconstruction of an appropriate cornice along the top of the building.

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