Landmark Water Tower

Year(s) Listed:
Location Class:
Built: 1922 | Abandoned: 1960
Historic Designation: National Register of Historic Places (2017)
Status: Endangered
Contributor: Kansas Preservation Alliance

The 316,000 gallon Landmark Water Tower was constructed in 1922. The water tower helped expand the waterworks and equalize water pressure throughout Manhattan. It is no longer used as a water tower or viewing tower but serves as a historic landmark for the area.

The water tower is a standpipe with a cylindrical tower over 50 feet tall, topped with a conical roof. It features exposed brackets on its roof and a circular walkway that was once used as a viewing deck. The viewing deck was accessed by a metal staircase that curves around the standpipe.

Waterworks facilities were constructed in 1888 after a fire risk survey identified Manhattan as at risk. Prior to 1888, there was no public water system in place and only one firefighting engine available. By the early 1900s, residents called for expansion of the water system and increased water pressure and the Landmark Water Tower was built in 1922. The water tower was later decommissioned in 1960.

Photo taken by Ron Reber in August 2021

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