Sauer Castle

Year(s) Listed:
Location Class:
Built: 1872 | Abandoned: 1986
Historic Designation: National Register of Historic Places (August 2, 1977) Register of Historic Kansas Places
Status: AbandonedEndangered
Contributor: Kansas Preservation Alliance

Anton Philip Sauer immigrated to Kansas City from New York in 1868. Originally from Hessen Germany, the wealthy entrepreneur spent his younger days traveling all over South America and other countries. Finally settling down in Kansas City Anton owned around two hundred acres and picked a spot that reminded him of his homeland along the Rhine River. Construction started on the mansion in 1871 making it one of the oldest houses still in existence in Kansas City. By 1872 it was completed, costing around $20,000 to build the twenty-room castle which amounts to $424,755 in today’s money. Featuring three Italian marble fireplaces, a glass chandelier imported from Austria, lace curtains imported from Brussels, mirrors imported from Florence, an enchanting walnut staircase, and two stone lions that guard the entry.

Presently owned by Carl Lopp who has let the Sauer Castle deteriorate through the years refusing any help from historical landmark preservationists and the community. Neighbors have protested the condition of the castle but all the city can do is fine Mr. Lopp when his property isn’t up to code. In recent decades Carl has fallen behind on property tax, leading to the property being listed at tax auction multiple times but at the last minute, he swoops in and pays them leaving him the owner.

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