Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. Station

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Built: ~1930's | Abandoned: ~1978
Status: AbandonedEndangered
Contributor: Abandoned Atlas Foundation

This building sits alone, vacant and abandoned on the outskirts of Fort Scott. While the building itself history is little to none that could be found it is a part of history much bigger, that of the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company. Southwestern Bell purchased this property in March 1930 and constructed the building shortly after. This building is architecturally similar to the station in Wright City, Missouri and others throughout the region. With a Tudor Revival style and characteristic architectural terra cotta detailing. The square shape building has a west-facing primary facade with the main entrance situated at the northwest corner window surrounds are accented by terra cotta. SBC used and owned the building until December 1978 which is roughly the time it was abandoned.

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